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To better understand Open Info, this whitepaper has been created to outline its purpose, goals, and methodology.

The Project

The project's structure, stakeholders and governance are explained in the first section

⚖ī¸pageFormalities🌍pageCommunityđŸĒ™pageOpen Info TokenđŸ‘ĨpageCore Team

The Product

Open Info's first product, namely VRFD, is introduced and described. A detailed explanation of Soulbound NFTs is also included. The product roadmap is presented.

✅pageVRFD dApp👾pageSoulbound IdentificationđŸ›Ŗī¸pageRoadmap

About us

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A final message to say thanks for taking the time to read through this whitepaper with a portal to submit any feedback you have for us.

🙏pageConcluding remarks

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