đŸĒ™Open Info Token


Open Info Token, OIT, is the governance and utility token of VRFD.

OIT is not sold by Open Info, its liquidity is decentrally funded and obtainable via UniSwap.


Open Info depends on high-quality, large-scale data to function efficiently. OIT motivates users to contribute to VRFD by creating data and/or reviewing data. These contributions help to improve the quality and quantity of VRFD's dataset.

OIT enables the Core Team to operate VRFD in a decentralized manner, with no central authority making product decisions.

Therefore, OIT serves to prevent the principal-agent dilemma. This dilemma arises when an agent of an organization makes decisions on behalf of another person or entity within the organization, which could have a negative impact on that person or entity. This dilemma typically occurs when an agent acts in his or her own self-interest rather than in the best interests of the organization.

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