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A public address book for Ethereum. VRFD provides buyers with the confidence necessary to make informed transaction decisions.

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VRFD is a decentralized web3 integrated App that allows users to:

  1. Register and verify themselves by linking their social identities and/or other publicly available information to their Ethereum address.

  2. Report other Ethereum addresses for acting in a manner that is malicious towards others; provided proof is supplied.

  3. Openly query and validate the status (i.e. verified or flagged) of any given Ethereum address.

Up- or Down?

The Soulbound non-fungible token (NFT) awarded by Open Info can be used in the dApp's voting system to affect the reputation of a given address. This means that users who have been verified can up- or downvote the accuracy and validity of the information presented on the platform.

To achieve this, Open Info will capture the links of which addresses voted for, transacted with, or flagged others on the Ethereum Blockchain in a graph dataset. When a user interacts with a piece of open information, they are given the option to vote on its accuracy or validity.

AI reinforcement

Over time, as more users interact with the system and vote on verified, certified, and flagged addresses, an AI model will be trained and become increasingly accurate and reliable the greater the data becomes. This creates a reinforced feedback loop, where users are incentivized to interact with the platform and grow the custodian to its discriminative maturity in a decentralised manner.


  • Verification and querying of any address will forever be free to use.

  • Certification is available at a varying fee depending on the scale.

  • Successful reports of unidentified addresses give verified users a chance of earning a bounty reward.


All classifications are issued by minting a Soulbound NFT to the given address. This makes the given status of any address openly verifiable on the blockchain.

The following page provides a detailed description of the Soulbound NFTs pioneered by Open Info.

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