👥Core Team

VRFD custodians

Our 6 founding members

Werner | CEO

Executive Our leader.


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Devin | CTO

Technical The brains.

decarb@vrfd.info LinkedIn

Zirk | CBO

Branding The looks.

zirk@vrfd.info brand@vrfd.info LinkedIn

Marinus | CFO

Finances The cruncher of numbers.

marinus@vrfd.info finance@vrfd.info


Quartus | COO

Operations The oil to our machine.

qaurtus@vrfd.info LinkedIn

Rossouw | CDO

Data The problem solver.

ross@vrfd.info LinkedIn

The supporting crew

  1. Open Info Custodian (AI in training)

  2. AK, our always-available Telegram moderator.

Want to join?

Contact hi@vrfd.info and be sure to bring your verified address along!

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