OIT token holders are entitled to voting rights in VRFD, allowing them to propose and vote on important matters such as project upgrades, resource allocation, and strategic initiatives. This decentralized governance approach ensures that decisions are made collectively, minimizing the principal-agent dilemma and empowering token holders to shape the future of Open Info.

OIT serves a fundamental utility within VRFD by providing token holders with decision-making power.

The collective VRFD project team comprises all OIT token holders. This structure resembles an assembly-type DAO where a large number of members interact in decision-making with an agency via smart contracts.


Holding OIT provides access to premium features across all products developed by Open Info, unlocking enhanced functionalities and capabilities. These premium features include privileged access to the CTRFD status. Once developed, HODLers are also granted exclusive benefits and insights related to wallet health.

While premium features are available through OIT, it is important to note that all products within the ecosystem will always offer a base tier that is free to use. This base tier ensures that users have access to essential services and functionalities without any cost.

  • For VRFD, the base tier includes openly searching data, enabling users to retrieve information without limitations.

  • For Wallet Health, the base tier would allow users to view the number of potential insecurities within their wallets.

By offering a combination of premium features and a free-to-use base tier, Open Info aims to cater to the diverse needs of its users while maintaining accessibility and value for all participants within the ecosystem.

Premium Features

Beyond governance, the OIT token also serves as a premium feature mechanism within the ecosystem. Token holders can gain access to premium features in VRFD with OIT tokens. This promotes active participation, contribution, and positive impact on VRFD. These features incentivize token holders to actively engage with the platform, contribute their expertise, and drive the growth and success of the ecosystem. With a strong focus on transparency and decentralized decision-making, the utility of the OIT token not only aligns the interests of token holders but also fosters a vibrant and collaborative community-driven ecosystem.

Purely holding OIT does not provide any rewards! OIT is not a security. Only contributions to the app and access to locked features incentivizes HODLing OIT.

Positive feedback loops are established within the ecosystem to align incentives and drive active participation, fostering a vibrant and engaged community. This includes:

  • participating in governance processes, where users have the opportunity to shape the direction of the project.

  • active involvement in the incubation of any products, from testing to utilizing.

  • contributions to the quantity and quality of data on VRFD.

By incorporating airdrops and bounties from vault mechanisms, Open Info encourages and acknowledges the valuable contributions made by its community member. VRFD fosters a dynamic ecosystem where participation, engagement, and collaboration are key drivers of growth and success.

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